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Consult with Jenine & Mathew

All things health, lifestyle and survival.

  • 30 min
  • From 150 US dollars
  • Zoom or Phone

Service Description

Hi thank you for coming to this page. About Jenine: I am a clinical nutritionist and have a lifetime dedicated to all aspects of natural health, honoring and supporting the 4 main levels of existence; Physical, Structural, BioChemical and the Spiritual-Emotional. I have a background in neuro-endocrine research and genetics. Specializing in the stress to sex hormone connection commonly called the HPA system which includes hormone and neurotransmitter analysis. My intent is to hold a safe space for you allowing for a connection so that our innate intuitive and empathetic abilities can harmoniously uncover the path appropriate to your journey for ascension. I also work with Stephen Kit Taylor, DABCN a retired neurologist who founded the KitCore technology where low level grounding frequencies are isolated and imprinted into a variety of items that come in contact with the body. The result is healing and balance on the most gentle and primal level. About Mathew: I started my work with plants when I was a young boy, climbing trees with my dad and grandfather and learning how to survive in the woods. I have cut some of the largest trees in the world and have traveled this country in search of the most healing tree resins in existence. I am a minister and a medicine man. I am a warrior for your life and am also able to hold an empathetic space for your healing. I specialize in plant based approaches, survival techniques, organic farming, mountain man living and the ongoing pursuit of truth and freedom. A message from us both: We want to remind whoever is reading this that you are a divine being made of love. We are emitters of light and energy. Our roles with one another is to simply offer support and guidance, the true nature and power of healing already exists within you; we want to help you uncover it. Love is the source of life and is at the core of all healing. We promise to approach all cases with the highest respect, love and care. All consultation Times are in Pacific Standard Time Zone.

Contact Details

PO Box 298 Eminence, MO 65466

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