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Pruitt's Tree Resin Ministries Private Membership Association (P.M.A.) 


5th Generation Artisan Tree Resin Gathering

"From Our Heart Pocket to Yours" 

How Resins Are Used.

On the skin & in the body. 

Acne. Wrinkles. 

Moisturize. Soothe. 

Cuts. Burns.

Bug Bites. Bruises.

Parasites.  Ringworm

Anti-Microbial. Ticks

Nail fungus. Thrush. Mold.

Eczema. Rash.


What Makes Our Resin So Special

Heart pocket ancient resins: 

Welcome to Pruitt's Tree Resin Ministries Private Membership Association (P.M.A.).  Home of The Miracle Salve. 

Tree resins are considered a plant extract.  All plant extracts are made up of compounds called terpenes.  The specific combination of terpens a plant has is what determines what it's good at healing.  Because heart pocket tree resins take hundreds to thousands of years to form, it offers you the most complete broad spectrum of healing terpenes at a higher concentration giving you a very versatile option that can do just about anything! 


The antiseptic and anti-fungal properties of the resin help:

  • Speed up healing.

  • Reduce itchiness.

  • Prevent infection.

Alpha-pinene is a well-known terpene abundant in conifer resin, this terpene is a strong anti-inflammatory, wound healer and neuro-protective agent. The naturally occurring minerals in our resin also help to soothe irritated skin and encourages new growth. 


Our resins are graded and carefully harvested from ancient heart pockets within the tree.  Some trees being nearly 6,000 years old!   Resin protects the tree from anything that tries to hurt it and preserves its life.  In this same way resin can protect and preserve your life!  Ancient trees carry thousands of years of immune memory for the life of the tree, giving you one of the most powerful healing agents in the world.


Our resins are not sap, distilled, pressed, milk, or scar resins. We refer to our resins as "liquid gold". 

Our heart pocket resin is one of the rarest and most precious healing substances on earth. 

  • Highest grade heart pocket resins.

  • Extremely rare and difficult to collect. 

  • Heart pocket resins require hundreds to thousands of years to form.

  • Only one in hundreds of thousands of trees will have one of these pockets.

  • A minimum of 2 years is required to process this resin.

  • No unnatural heat, filters or chemicals are ever used! 

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History of Tree Resins

Tree with Mushroom.jpg wholistic healing from nature natural remedy

Physical History

Tree resins act like the immune system for the tree.  When the tree is injured or under "attack" resin will be released as a protective agent.  Resin helps prevent decay and speeds up healing time.  


Tree resins naturally contain agents called terpenes which are known to be neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory to people.

Fun fact: The mushrooms that grow at the base of the tree communicate with the forest, some of these fungi get metabolized into the terpenes that make the resin so effective! Living proof of the "Wood-Wide-Web" communication system.  Wholistic healing in the making. 


Clinically studied for over 100 years. Proven to be effective for:

  • Skin disorders

  • Rash

  • Cuts & Wounds (minor and extreme)

  • Fungus

  • Infections

  • Pain/ Inflammation

  • Detox


Examples of documented ancient uses for topical wound healing include:

  • Aztec warriors

  • Native American Indians

  • Lewis & Clark Expedition

  • Civil War 

  • Many Native tribes also used different resins for specified healing use. 

Spiritual.jpg historical spiritual use of tree resin essential oil

Spiritual ~ Ceremonial History

Burning incense, particularly the burning of tree resins has been known throughout the millennia as a sacred activity. Many cultures around the word use Frankincense, Myrrh or Copal are tree resins often used as part of cleansing or purifying ceremonies.   

Time spent out in nature, particularly around the trees has a profound healing and calming effect.  This is in part due to the negative ions (electrons) the earth gives us.  These negative ions are responsible for the "Grounding" or Earthing effect needed to help our body work in the best possible way. 

Because our resins come from only the ancient trees, it carries an ancient "grounding" vibration.  This is experienced as stabilizing and regulating for the mind-body.  

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Health with the frequency of nature
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