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Legacy of our Ministry

5 Generations of 
Artisan Tree Resin Gathering & Grading. 

For 5 generations our family have been the stewards for one of the most precious and rare healing substances on earth; Conifer tree resin.   My name is Mathew and I am currently the overseer of Pruitt's Tree Resin Ministries. My grandfather Forest D. Smith began experimenting and exploring various formulation using resin in the 1960's and eventually formed a corporation offering products containing high grade tree resin to both the public and health professionals.  

With the blessings of Grandpa and Grandma I started Pruitt’s Tree Resin on August 8, 2012, allowing us to continue offering our multi generational healing remedies to the world.  

It was Grandpa’s life goal to help people with providing the best tree resin and other natural healthy alternatives.  We process the resin in the same state and form as it was in the ancient pockets in some of the oldest trees.  We don’t artificially heat it, expose it to excess light or air, and never use paper filters due to formaldehyde, bleach, dyes and other chemicals that will leach out into the resins.  


We are committed to keeping Forrest D. Smith’s legacy, and now my own legacy, alive.  We promise to continue producing  the very best health products on the market.  We are now officially 5 generations into this ministry.  


Our mission is to continue helping and educating all people.  To continue researching, testing and developing natural health remedies, innovation’s and inventions. We offer you the best from the gifts of nature. 

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