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Obtained from the heart pocket of ancient trees, considered the finest grade of healing resin available.  Texture is thick and viscous, it is sticky but can easily be applied or cleaned with any quality oil such as coconut oil or olive oil.  


Traditionally used for the most stubborn skin conditions, wounds and infections.

Used by the Native Americans, pioneers, explorers and the most skilled mountain men.





100% Raw

No chemicals used ever! 

These ancient trees carry a pure and unpolluted vibration especially healing and needed by us in these times.  Because all life is energy, we offer the option of having your Super Coco Resin frequency imprinted to increase the energetic potential, allowing for more negative ions and therapeutic benefit.  See Gas Discharge Visualization study in images.  This is available on request.  Please email us if you would like your product imprinted with grounding frequencies. 

Pure 100% Natural Gold Resin

  • Lewis and Clark used tree resins in their westward expedition, the value of it can be easily seen from the below quote.

    “A chief who’s wife had an abscess formed on the small of her back, promised a horse in the morning, provided we would administer to her.  Accordingly, Captain Clark opened the abscess , introduced a tent [a roll of lint], and dressed it with basilicon [an ointment of wax, pitch resin and olive oil] . Captain Clark soon had more than fifty applications.”

    ~Captain Meriwether Lewis, May 6, 1806

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