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The Healing Powers of Ancient Resin 

Observed Benefits: 

· Anti-bacterial  · Anti-viral  · Anti-fungal · Anti-parasitic

· Heavy Metal · Neuro-Protective · Detoxifying  

· GI Balancing

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not Intended to diagnose, treat, prevent  or cure any disease. See 21CFR740.10

Suggestions below are based on testimonial experiences shared with us.  Use are your own discretion and risk. 


Ideas for Using 

Eczema: Place 1-3 drops under tongue daily depending on age & severity. Apply enough to cover affected skin areas 2 -3 x daily depending on severity. 

Ear Infection: Place 1-3 drops under tongue daily depending on age & severity. Place 10 drops into the affected ear(s) and plug with a cotton ball, keep in ear for 12 hours then repeat (do this process 2 x daily for at least 14 days to prevent infection from coming back). 

Acute Illness (cold/flu): Place 1-3 drops under tongue depending on age & severity. Place 2 drops into navel, rub it in well. Massage 2 drops into the bottom of feet and to the neck lymph nodes. Repeat 3 x daily.


Heavy Metal Detox Protocol: Place 1-3 drops under tongue daily. Naval application: 1-2 drops into naval daily rub it in well. Take with an oral binder of choice (Buffered C, Charcoal, Bentonite Parsley/Cilantro etc) 

Ideas for Using 

External Use Only:

Apply 2 or 3 x day depending on serverity.


·       Nail fungus

·       Athletes foot

·       Jock itch

·       Diaper rash

·       Vaginal yeast infection.

·       Anus for severe candida infection. 

·       Bug bites

·       Cuts/ Wounds

·       Systemic/General Rash

·       Psoriasis

·       Rosacea

·       Warts

·       Poison oak-ivy

·       Pain/Sore muscles as massage cream

·       Hernia

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Ideas for Using:

This formula is fantastic for the skin!  We use it for all things topical including:

  • ​Cosmetic: fine lines & wrinkles

  • Acne

  • Rash

  • Dry irritated skin

  • Blend 2 or 3 droppers full into 4oz Sesame oil or oil of choice as a personal care item in your more sensitive areas. (internal/external)

Internal use: Always start at 1 drop under the tongue and work up to tolerance.  Max dose 5 drops unless otherwise directed by your healthcare professional. 

  • Cardiovascular Support (blood pressure)

  • Lipid metabolism

  • Immune support

  • Anti-Inflammatory (endothelial)

  • Anti-Microbial: Try using with Black Cumin Seed oil or Oregano Oil. 

  • Detoxifying

More content to come! 

Thank you for being here. 

You are free.
You are whole.
You are loved


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Good health starts with self care.  

Love from the depths of your own well. 

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